Starting the first week of May, we will have oral presentations. The purpose of an oral presentation is to write out and present a skit in front of the class, lasting no more than 5 minutes.

Topic ideas can include: renting an apartment, deciding what movie to see, talking about the news, friends, family, going to a restaurant, going on your first date, etc.

Suggestions for the presentation:

Do NOT read all your lines! You may use flash cards, but you should NOT be reading them. Practice the presentation many times with your group.

Speak slowly, don’t rush it. Make sure you speak very clearly. Also, speak loudly—we need to hear you!

Incorporate culture into your skit. This could be a hand gesture, music, food, historical information, Italian customs, sayings, etc.

Try to use some vocabulary and/or grammar you have studied this semester. Your Italian should be clear and varied.

An excellent resource for questions on vocabulary and usage is: www.wordreference.com

On the Wordreference website, choose the English to Italian OR Italian to English Dictionary.
You can also register for free at this site and then ask grammar or vocabulary questions in the FORUMS.
Your questions will be answered by Italians—it’s quite fun!

If there are any difficult or new words that you think students won’t know, put them on the board.

Also, before your skit, give us a brief description of the skit: what is it about and who are the characters?


I grade the skits on a point system, with 10 being the highest score.

I grade on the following:

  • Clarity (could we understand the Italian, was it clearly spoken?)
  • Presentation (were the students well prepared, did they know their part, was it well presented?)
  • Language skills (was there a good amount of variation in the language and vocabulary?)
  • Cultural aspect (did something clearly make it Italian?—this could be as simple as saying you’ll have dinner at 8:00PM. BTW dinner is never at 5:00PM in Italy!).

    The group will receive a grade, though I also note the individual performance of each person in the group. Be creative and have fun!