il 14 aprile

(Nota: Grazie, Kelly, per gli appunti!)

LaProf has graded the Cap.16 exam, but not assigned grades yet, so we'll get
them back on Thursday when everyone takes the test.

The homework is as follows:

1) Studiate the vocabulario a pp. 386-387 (7th edition -p. 366-367)
2) Fate p. 387A (7th edition -p. 367A) and
3) Fate p. 388C (7th edition -p. 368C).
We'll go over 2 and 3 in class on Thursday, 04/16, but she said to write the answers in our bluebooks
and turn in after we go review.

We started the class talking about what we did over the Spring Break.
Here are some phrases and vocabulary that came up during class discussions about last week's vacation:

siamo quattro gatti - an idiom for a "small group"
sciare -to ski
uno sconto - a discount
tagliare i capelli - to cut hair
una parrucchiera -one who cuts hair (hairdresser)
disegnare le uova per Pasqua - paint Easter eggs
riposarsi - to rest
piangere - to cry
ridere -to laugh
si richiede - is required
si svolgerà -takes place (will take place)
inviare un dettagliato Curriculum Vitae -to send a detailed resume

We then had to write in class two things that we did during our vacation.

We also discussed how for singular family members you drop the article in
the possessive, so it's mia madre, mio padre, mio cognato (il marito di mia
sorella), mia sorella, BUT
it's la mia mamma, il mio papà and
you use the articles for plural family members or anything else.

We also went over pgs. 386-387 in class (p. 366-377 -7th edition) and did
Part B in class

We also read over the job advertisements on p. 389 (369 -7th edition )

Lastly, the Prof. brought up the linguaitaliana Wiki and suggested that we check out the
Andrea Bocelli con Elmo that she had posted on the site.